Bamboo Charcoal Soap
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Which bamboo soap is good for me?

We offer two kinds of of bamboo soap. bamboo charcoal soap which is made from an all natural soap base of glycerine and the highest grade of activated bamboo charcoal. This organic soap has a rich dark gray lather (from the smoked charcoal) and has a slight smoky smell to it. Afterwards It leaves your skin smelling so clean and it has no added scents, your skin will smell like you have been swimming all day or you took a long hot bath. This soap is great for the problem areas of the body, like dry cracked heels, acne skin, dry skin, odor control. It also recommended that you use this soap for the whole body at least once a week to detoxify the skin and remove impurities under the skin.

The other bamboo soap we offer is bamboo vinegar soap.

This super rich silky smooth soap smells nothing like vinegar but the term is applied to the soap because bamboo vinegar is a by-product of bamboo carbonization, it has over 200 elements that are perfect for sterilizing and rejuvenating the skin. The acetic properties in our bamboo vinegar soap are so strong they will soften the skins cuticles, also fantastic for relieving dry cracked skin. This amazing organic soap is best used all over the body as an everyday soap. It has a unique super clean smell that will leave you feeling incredibly soft and smooth too! This soap is recommended for all skin types.