In 2005, the need for eco-friendly products was not a strong as today. Even so, there was a buzz in the air about environmental issues the world needed to confront. This was on my mind one afternoon after listening to a morning radio show that was discussing NEW GREEN PRODUCTS that were making big impacts on society.
That afternoon, I visited a restaurant from my childhood days and as I was leaving I bumped into an old business associate of mine. He told me he was still in the textile industry producing strictly organic fabrics. He spoke to me about a new ground-breaking fabric being produced in China that was geared for high-end bed sheets.
I was bewildered when I heard it was made from Bamboo.
He offered me a sample set of this new bamboo fabric. I slept on them that night and I was sold. Thanks to these sheets, I had the best sleep I can ever remember. They felt softer than my good egyptian cottons!
The next day, I called my old associate and bought 1500 bamboo sheet sets to be delivered as soon as possible and a new GREEN company was born.
We started calling 5-star hotels and resorts all over the world and the reaction was outstanding! They had been looking for green products to meet the high standards of their loyal guests and bamboo sheets were at the top of their list!

And so SleepBamboo.com was born…

SleepBamboo Co-Founder Mark Richards