When it comes to renewable materials, bamboo is the ultimate due to its versatility, eco-friendly qualities, and lightning fast growth rates!

In addition to serving as building materials, flooring, cutting boards, decorative items, bicycles, musical instruments, furniture, paper and even food, bamboo can also be used to make textiles. Recent years have seen a rise the emphasis on eco-friendly and renewable resources and bamboo fits the bill!

The perfect thread count for the perfect night's sleep!

Our 320 thread count bamboo sheets are woven with a super fine yarn, this is what gives SleepBamboo fabric the ultra smooth cashmere type of feel to it. Our bamboo fabric is equal to a 900-1000 thread count fine Pima-cotton sheet. This is the perfect weight for bed sheets, not one thread count heavieror lighter.

The future in bedding is here! Performance bedding.

Incredible softness comparable to silk/cashmere all rolled into one fabric
You will delight your senses as you slide into bed on the fitted sheet, like a cloud of silky smooth softness and at the same time the flat sheet will drape over your body like a second skin.Bamboo fibers are extremely adept at breathing air between the fibers.
In short, bamboo sheets pull moisture away from your body as you sleep.
The result is you sleep dryer and more comfortable.
Recent studies have shown 100% bamboo textiles to greatly help repel common
bacteria such as dust mites, bed bugs and many more!

The result is you will sleep healthier and notice your sheets
seem fresher longer
so you can wash them less!

Other bamboo sheets facts & properties:

Recommended for medical conditions such as:
restless leg syndrome, insomnia, dust allergies,
asthma, menopause, night sweats and many more!
  • Fabric has a light cool touch to it
  • Highly durable fabric will last for years
  • Highly anti-static
  • Repels dust
  • Will not snag on skin
  • Will repel pet hair and dander
  • Does not require bleach washing
  • Can be washed in cold water
  • Bamboo sheets are highly bio-degradable once needed to dispose of them